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Moving Estimate

Moving Estimate offers you free moving estimates from licensed, bonded, and fully insured movers and moving companies with No Obligation! You’ll get fast, accurate estimates from companies you can trust! Based on your “From” ZIP Code, compare rates, services, and timelines from moving companies near you in just minutes. Movers in the closest proximity from where you are moving will be giving you their moving estimate. That is where your savings start, because those movers will have a shorter distance to go to get to the job. That means savings for you! You’ll be able to pick the moving estimate that meets your needs and works within your budget.

Moving Estimate (dot)org works with a nationwide network of licensed, professional movers and moving companies that will compete for your business. The form is short, simple, and is a snap to fill out. Once your form is submitted, Moving Estimate moving quotes are quickly generated and lets you shop for the companies with the services that are just right for you! Receiving your moving estimates has never been faster or easier than with the free moving estimate service provided by Moving Estimate. In just minutes, you’ll have all the moving rate information you need to compare rates, services, and timelines. Try our moving estimate system and save on your next move!

Save Time & Up To 65% on Moving Costs with Moving Estimate 

Just by using the FREE Moving Estimate service, you can SAVE UP TO 65% on the cost of movers and moving companies!  You’ll get FREE QUOTES and NO OBLIGATIONS. Moving Estimate saves you time and money! Have you spent hours on the internet looking for the right affordable moving company? Why not let us do all the work for you in just minutes? Just enter your information in our short form, hit “Get Quotes”, and let us do the rest for you! We can help find affordable, licensed, bonded, and insured movers and moving companies in your area that can save you up to 65% on your move. You’ll get 3 quotes from trusted, licensed movers and moving companies, so that you can compare their rates, services, and the timelines involved for your move. It’s fast and easy, and best of all it is FREE with NO OBLIGATION!

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Moving Companies 

Free Moving Estimate services may save you up to 65% now!  Moving Estimate makes getting quotes from licensed, bonded, and insured movers and moving companies, who service your area, SIMPLE and FAST! Movers and moving companies will give you their current rates and charges for your move at absolutely no charge and with no obligation. Moving Estimate has had years of experience in the moving industry and knows how to cut corners to save you money.  Free Quotes = Valuable Information  Don’t pay for moving services that you don’t need! Get your estimates from professional movers and familiarize yourself with rates and fees. All movers are not created equal! Get it in writing and make sure you are getting exactly what you need for your move. See our Types of Estimates information page.  You have nothing to loose and big savings to gain! Try our FREE Estimates and put us to the test today. You can get a moving estimate for moving long distance, local moves, corporate and business moving, apartment moves, self-service moves, renting storage facilities, and even auto transport quotes if you are unable to drive your vehicle(s) to your new destination! Moving Estimate can do it all when it comes to moving, and we stand behind our team of licensed, professional movers across the United States!


Thanks for using our free moving estimate service from our movers and moving companies. Get Free Moving Estimates & Save Money On Moving!  Moving Estimate can save you up to 65% on the cost of moving companies by using our NO OBLIGATION – FREE QUOTES and shopping for the Moving Estimate moving company with the services, rates, and timelines that fit your schedule and budget! Simply fill out the short, simple form, submit your info, and in minutes you’ll begin to receive your FREE Moving Estimate quotes. Welcome to, we work hard to make sure you save money!   We have helped people save as much as $2000 on their move and we would like to help you save too.Not only do we offer quotes for Long Distance, Local, Corporate/Office, Self and Apartment Moves, we can also find you quotes for Auto Transport, Truck Rental, Storage and International Moves. When you get moving estimates from several companies, you can compare rates and fees for the moving services that you need.

Don’t pay for moving services that you don’t need! Get free moving estimates and know what the charges are up front, before the final bill is handed to you. Know the different types of estimates – Binding and Non-Binding.  DO NOT accept a moving estimate over the telephone. Would you buy a used car sight unseen over the telephone from someone you have never met? Of course not! Going with a moving estimate over the phone is about the same risk. An exception is a mover that gives you an hourly rate, and even then they need to look at the job to give an accurate length of time their services will be required. Moving estimates given over the phone are often low-balled, in order to get you to sign the moving contract. Reputable movers will get your information over the phone and ask to come and inspect the property to be moved, in order to give you an accurate estimate (refer to Types of Estimates).  To save you money, you’ll receive your free moving estimates from local moving companies that may offer all types of moving services including: full service movers, you pack they drive services, rental moving trailers, rental moving trucks, all types of moving equipment, and other moving features. Moving Estimate companies will provide you with the best moving rates available, because they are competing for your business! Get your FREE Moving Estimate QUOTES and join the ranks of our many satisfied customers today!

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